“Valentine’s Day” -150Eu 63x46cm Dags Vidulejs ⓒ


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“The Joys of Self-Isolation. Closed Valentine’s Day. Is any child born at all in 2020-2021, the only question?” 

-150Eu 63x46cm Dags Vidulejsⓒ artwork ink, acryl/ watercolour paper www.dags.lv

In order to practice painting anthropomorphic forms, it is necessary to make a lot of sketches from nature…

Trying to twist the figures into a harmonious rhythm is a Classic figurative painting theme addressed by many artists. The virtuoso technique of artwork, female figures on top with a line and light modulation. 

This colored drawing is a original work of art – Painting by Dags Vidulejs (Latvia). The work has a rectangular shape, Its dimensions are 63×46 cm. The artist’s signature is present on the artwork. Shipping options are available for this artwork, please contact us for details.

Pašizolācijas Prieki. Slēgtā ValentīnDiena. Vai vispār kāds bērns piedzima 2020-2021, vienīgais jautājums?

Радости самоизоляции.Закрытий День святого Валентина. Единственный вопрос, родится ли вообще в 2020-2021 годах ребенок?

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Dimensions 60 × 90 cm


"The Joys of Self-Isolation. Closed Valentine's Day. Is any child born at all in 2020-2021, the only question?" -90Eu 63x46cm Dags Vidulejsⓒ artwork ink acryl/ watercolour paper www.dags.lv

"Valentine's Day" -150Eu 63x46cm Dags Vidulejs ⓒ


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