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Authentic artwork by Latvian artist Dags Vidulejs

Dags Vidulejs ⓒ

“Society” oil/cancas 210x140cm 2015
“PEOPLE TRAFFIC”- The overarching theme of Dags’ Vidulejs creative work is the confrontation of the representation structures of the society formations. And the counter-argument of the individual’s private existence to the political religious corporate society.
“PEOPLE TRAFFIC” Nowadays, volunteer slavery flourishes is a migration. Theme of the Dags Vidulejs exhibition is migration as the 21st century slave trade and the unworthy depreciation of the Divine Spirit of man.

Travaillant sur le thème de la structuration des sous-cultures de la société, Dags Vidulejs collectionne depuis des années des croquis, créant des compositions grand format avec des peintures à l’huile. Selon la technologie classique, collage de toile de lin avec des feuilles d’or et vernissage avec du vernis Damara.

On organizing Dag’s exhibitions. For purchase of paintings, ink drawings or replicas, please, contact ART MAJEUR or Dags.
There is a lot of professional work there: painting a passport to non-European countries, customs brokerage, insurance, bank transfer, tax clearance, author’s original certificate with gallery and expert approval, packaging, transport service. framing services, Sophisticated Professional Experienced Interior Designer Services.
Offers to host a guest exhibition at your institution, too, custom portraits, nude model and wall paintings in the interior.

Sincerely, Dags VIDULEJS


This work is a unique original work of art – Painting by Dags Vidulejs (Latvia), Oil on Linen Canvas. The work has a square shape, Its dimensions are 150×140 cm. The artist’s signature is present on the artwork. This artwork is part of the gallery Structures of Society “PEOPLE TRAFFIC” by Dags. Framing options are available for this artwork, please contact us for details.

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