FLY of VALKYRIES. BUTTERFLIES DANCE Paintings by Dags Vidulejs 110x160cm

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Presentation of new Flying Broom antigravity screws TESLA in the show “VALKIRI FLY” 


110x160cm acrylic, ink / linen canvas

Dags Vidulejs ⓒ The year 2021. 1600 Euro


 Ragnaroka is a war between two incompatible mutually exclusive ways of life. Ragnaroka‘s time is the destruction of the world and the last battle, defending the basic law of the world, from which all other consequences follow. In Ragnaroka, cult of family defenders , the Valkyrie, Axes under Odin’s army have to fight the fire giants, the jotuns and the various servants of the Loki androgyn cult. In the battles Valkyrie, the bravest fighters against the androgyn cult are selected and taken to Valhalla. Einherias and Valkyries live in Valhalla. Every morning the Einherias go to the Idavelas field to fight on the side of Odin’s army. In the evening, they are revived by Valkyries Hilda.

The men, too intoxicated with power, formed a secret cult for the exercise of unlimited power. Using unusual mind and foresight, the cult was led by Loki, able to change his appearance and gender and to be both men and women, and to become animals in secret rituals. Women, mothers and children, became completely foreign to them. Driven by cult leaders Loki, men began to destroy their families, and nations by donating their own children and parents to the cult.

Women no longer gave cult men love and children while remaining virgins. Virgo Brunhilde, Sigruna, Skulda. Valkyries are immortal and invulnerable as long as virgins remain. Einherias are men who remained faithful to the cult of the family, worshiping the female body, for the child to enter this  Gaia world through the womb. As the cult of science, wealth, and influence grew, so did the plans to make entry for this world without a woman’s womb. Cult men learned to do without women by sharing relationship roles with each other and raising cult Androgyny children in incubators.

In the beginning, the cult had to counter its power until the war broke out in Ragnaroka. However, after the war, two distinct coexisting cultures, family village communities and urban states emerged. Wikipedia does not mention “how”. However, it is only known that the two incompatible forms of life strengthened territorial or legal sovereignty.

In Iceland, Scandinavia around the Baltic Sea and in the outermost regions, this tradition of understanding the Gæa world has been maintained to this day. In other regions, women who fight against the male cult of the absolut power state are called witches, amazons fairies, naturopath, pseudoscience sponges.


FLY of VALKYRIES. DEEP STATE MPs without masks. Triptych 120x120cm, 120x160cm, 90x120cm, oil/canvas silver leaves. Dags Vidulejs ⓒ Art

FLY of VALKYRIES. BUTTERFLIES DANCE Paintings by Dags Vidulejs 110x160cm

2.900,003.200,00 (-9%)

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